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Established in 1929, Burwood Girls High School has a long tradition of excellence in the education of girls. Your daughter will learn in a caring, personalised environment supported by a staff of over 80 teachers.

Burwood Girls High School has an approximate enrolment of 1100 students. It is situated 10 kilometres from the centre of Sydney with easy access by train or bus. The local community is diverse in terms of ethnicity, culture and socio-economic mix, and has high expectations of the school.

Our school motto, “Not For Ourselves Alone”, has a powerful message for every girl who is educated at Burwood Girls High School. It testifies to our belief that your daughter will meet the challenges of the future by developing into an ethical, articulate young woman, confident in her individual talents, seeking to use these for the benefit of all.

The school clearly states that all girls are expected to learn as much as they can. The school’s purpose statement and the rationale for all learning programs are widely displayed. Burwood Girls High has an expectation that all students take responsibility for and maximise their learning by:

  • exploring different ways of learning;
  • thinking, questioning and reflecting;
  • believing they can learn;
  • setting higher standards;
  • working well in groups;
  • being good problem solvers; and
  • respecting the rights of others and recognising individual differences.
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PDHPE building forecourt

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